The Business Impact of Learning: What We've Learned

Measuring the Business Impact of Learning: What We've Learned

We’re entering the fourth year of our Measuring the Business Impact of Learning benchmarking survey with Learning Technologies Group (LTG).

We held a webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 to reflect on the survey results to date and discuss how organizations we work with have overcome the barriers in measurement planning and implementation.

The insights are drawn from our group experience working with a range of clients in this field and should be valuable for anyone who wants to get started in learning analytics and sustainable business impact assessment.

During the webinar, we covered the state of the world of measurement and explored real-world examples of:

  • getting management buy-in,
  • designing for data, building data ecosystems,
  • implementing a learning analytics strategy, and more.

Tim Dickinson

Director of Strategy, Watershed

Tim is Watershed’s director of strategy and a global speaker on the topic of learning evaluation and analytics. He leads the consulting team responsible for learning data, evaluation, and analytics strategy. Tim excels at bridging the gap between technical and tactical objectives—enabling organizations to implement measurable, scalable analytics practices.

Ella Richardson

Learning Design Director, LEO Learning

Ella Richardson is LEO's Learning Design Director. Ella works with clients, partners and colleagues to create human-centric, commercially successful and socially significant learning experiences. She is responsible for learning excellence across LEO, and is active in developing new thinking in the field of design-led learning innovation. An award-winning consultant, Ella has hands-on experience devising learning strategies, designing large scale learning programs and creating captivating experiences that drive measurable behavior change and shift learning cultures.

Piers Lea

Chief Strategy Officer, LEO Learning

Piers Lea has over 30 years industry experience in the learning innovation sector. Piers is the Chief Strategy Officer at LEO and he founded LINE Communications Holdings which was acquired by Learning Technologies Group where he currently acts as a Chief Strategy Officer.

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