A Skills Analytics Journey: Turning Data into Meaningful Insights

Join us on a transformative journey into the world of skills analytics. We explore the potential of turning learning and development (L&D) data into meaningful insights to drive positive organizational change, and talk you through the steps to get there.

We teamed up with our friends at Degreed to explore the questions learning leaders ask, such as “Where are the skill gaps in my organization?”.

Join Brandon Brodkin (Watershed) and Steve Boucher (Degreed) in this webinar recording, as they explore:

  • The steps in the process to turn skills data into actionable insights
  • How to progress your journey to become a skills-based organization
  • The importance of aligning HRIS data to create a “single source of truth”
  • Report examples and the insights they offer

Brandon Brodkin

Sales Director, Watershed

Brandon has spent the past 4 years demonstrating the accessibility and power of learning analytics. He works with organizations that are in the beginning stages of their learning analytics journeys—bringing their L&D data stories to life while identifying areas for growth to help ensure future success.

Steve Boucher

Director, Strategic Initiatives, Degreed

Steve Boucher, a learning and skills thought leader with over 20 years of corporate L&D experience, joined Degreed in 2021 as Director, Strategic Initiatives. Steve works with learning and talent leaders across the globe to help their organizations build a culture of continuous learning and introduce "skills as the currency of work." Prior to joining Degreed, Steve was VP, Learning Strategy & Innovation at Mastercard where he modernized the learning technology ecosystem and reimagined how employees acquired and grew skills to achieve their greatest success.

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