The State of Learning Analytics: Views from 1,000 L&D Professionals

What is the current state of learning analytics? Is measurement that drives data-driven decisions a pipedream or a reality? In 2021 Watershed, LEO Learning, and CLO surveyed 1000+ L&D leaders and professionals to gain valuable insights into current capabilities and the desired future state of learning analytics within global organizations.

Our findings set out the current state of play for how L&D approaches measurement. We asked comprehensive questions on:

  • Current demand (who is asking for reports, and on what?)
  • Current technical capabilities (technology stacks, ecosystems, and placement on measurement maturity models)
  • Current operational capabilities (team shape, skill sets, and job roles)
  • Desired future state (ideal measurement goals vs current state)

Bill Conran, Watershed’s VP of Strategy and Business Development, will present key results and findings. He’ll be joined by special guest speaker Bonnie Beresford, GP Strategies’ Senior Director of Performance and Learning Analytics, who brings a wealth of hands-on practical experience to the conversation.

In this session, you will:

  • Discover what your peers are doing, the tech they are using, and where they place on measurement maturity models
  • Explore key trends from L&D’s need to embed business impact metrics into learning design to the importance of nurturing a data-driven mindset
  • Get ideas, tips, and inspiration based on real examples to progress your organization’s approach to learning analytics

Bill Conran

VP of Strategy and Business Development, Watershed

Bill Conran focuses on evangelizing the message of utilizing analytics to improve the workforce. He is known for making complex solutions easy to understand and showing how software can create safer, more enjoyable organizations.

Bonnie Beresford, PhD

Senior Director, Performance and Learning Analytics, GP Strategies

Bonnie Beresford, an industry-recognized human capital strategist, performance consultant, speaker, and author, leads the learning and performance analytics practice at GP Strategies. Her expertise at connecting learning to business impact has helped clients earn recognition from the Association for Talent and Development, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and Training Industry. Bonnie, a data geek at heart, holds a Ph.D. in human capital management, a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

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