Watershed Snapshot Report Sharing

Show off your beautiful reports.

You’ve used Explore to craft an insightful report—and now it's time to share it with your stakeholders. Forget taking a screenshot and placing it in a presentation. Use our report sharing feature to send direct links to your reports.

Simply copy and paste sharable links or email them directly from Watershed. Shared reports are fully interactive, so viewers can sort data and see tooltip information exactly as they would if viewing the report within Watershed.

Share data as a snapshot or in real time.

Send live-updating reports that change as new data enters Watershed, or share a fixed view of a report as it appeared on a specific date in the past. 

And to provide maximum control of how you distribute your reports, you can share multiple snapshots of a report at different times or even disable links that have been shared with individual recipients.

Watershed Dynamic Report Sharing
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