Make sure your succession plan succeeds.

Leadership development is a huge focus for L&D teams. In fact, a study found that L&D departments spend 25 percent of their budgets on leadership development. However, less than one in five of organizations surveyed could report that they achieved their goals of improving business performance.

Managerial Index Growth in Watershed

So, what’s keeping organizations like these from being able to report this information? One reason may be that it’s difficult to find a solution that quantitatively and objectively measures successful leadership development, such as effective communication and team building skills. After all, other than retention and succession, there’s not much left to measure progress.

Find Your Future Leaders

Watershed helps you not only track activity, but also associate context with that activity. For instance, you can identify when a successful performance observation is related to someone’s coaching skill. You can also track data from a variety of applications, allowing you to build comprehensive competency profiles of your current and future leaders.

With Watershed, you can:

  • Associate a specific learning activity with different learners’ competencies.

  • Track a wide variety of activities, such as coaching and mentoring, that contribute to effective leadership development.

  • Analyze and compare objective competency ratings for leaders. (See the following heatmap for an example.)

  • Understand how leadership development metrics relate to business metrics. 

Supervisor Competency Heatmap

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