Yes, it is actually possible to track offline learning.

We learn in different ways. Many skills require practice to master, but how do you know if you are practicing correctly? To ensure practice is indeed making perfect, feedback is required. Whether it is coaching, mentoring, or observing someone else's performance, there are a lot of significant learning and feedback experiences that do not inherently occur digitally.

Watershed changes that by partnering with innovative learning and technology providers to capture offline learning events as they happen. Learning teams now have visibility into aspects of the overall learning experience they have never had before. The huge amount of experiential learning can now be tracked to understand how people are learning and progressing throughout their professional development.

Watershed lets you:

  • Take advantage of Watershed's revolutionary technology to facilitate experiential learning.

  • Easily track in-person learning experiences like never before.

  • Compare how experiential learning relates to formal e-learning so you can get a comprehensive understanding of all organizational learning.

  • Understand how experiential learning influences behavioral and KPI changes (e.g., Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4). For example, the following spider chart identifies how captured data has been used to calculate individual competencies in a variety of skill sets. 

Track offline learning experiences.

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