Empower your sales team with Watershed.

The modern sales professional does not want to sit at a computer for a two-hour SCORM course. That’s why if you want to empower your sales team, you must deliver engaging learning experiences—regardless of location, method, or device.

Track sales development training.But what’s the point of creating and delivering compelling content if you can’t track all of it in your learning management system (LMS)? Furthermore, how can you be sure that your content is impacting the sales team’s behavior and the company’s bottom line?

How Watershed Helps

Watershed helps you track sales training content regardless of where your learners engage with it, and can even help you identify how learning impacts behavior and organizational metrics.

By using the same technology that tracks learning behavior, Watershed also can track how sales team members interact with a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help you understand how learning relates to behavior and performance.

Watershed lets you:

  • Track learner activity and engagement regardless of how or where content is consumed.
  • Track any kind of content utilized by your sales team.
  • Track learners’ subsequent behaviors in a CRM.
  • Identify how learning impacts sales behaviors and KPIs.

Correlate sales training and performance.

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