Maximize your investments in business applications.

Enterprise Systems Training in WatershedEach year, companies just like yours invest millions of dollars in critical business applications—such as enterprise resource planning, electronic medical records, and customer ticketing systems.

And once your new software is up and running and the consultants have left the building, it's up to you and the rest of the learning and development team to ensure that everyone across your organization knows how to effectively and efficiently use that system. No pressure, right?

How Watershed Helps

Only Watershed links learning data with metrics from enterprise business systems to provide insights into how to continually train learners and maximize your investment in critical business applications. Watershed also highlights potential areas of improvement where learners have confusion or are using it incorrectly.

Watershed lets you:

  • View system usage metrics alongside learning data.
  • Identify gaps where learners may lack critical system knowledge.
  • Ensure you are maximizing your investment in new technology.

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