Turn Training into Results: Modern Learning Evaluation Strategies

Knowing how to aggregate and evaluate all types of learning is a priority for many learning and development practitioners. In fact, many say there's a growing demand to show L&D’s impact across the organization.

But due to challenges, such as employees using multiple avenues for learning, many practitioners find it challenging to measure and communicate the value of their learning programs.

What's learning evaluation?

Learning evaluation is a strategic process that helps organizations assess the effectiveness and impact of their training programs. It's all about measuring the outcomes and behavioral changes that result from the training and improvements in job performance.

The goal is to see if the learning has achieved its objectives, enhanced employee skills, and positively influenced the organization's overall success.

Transform learning, transform business

Technologies are becoming available that enable L&D professionals to aggregate, evaluate, and measure many types of learning data in one place.

That means it’s learning’s turn to prove its worth with evidence-backed facts and figures—which will help transform learning and, ultimately, transform L&D's business goal alignment.

This series is ideal if you're new to learning measurement and evaluation, need a refresher on evaluation theories, need help deciding which evaluation theories best suit your needs, or are simply interested in understanding how technology, xAPI, and training measurement fit into the evaluation of learning.

Key Learning Evaluation Takeaways

So, what is learning evaluation? We'll explain how you can effectively evaluate your learning and development process from design through implementation.

In particular, we'll focus on the following topics while exploring established models of learning evaluation, review emerging technologies to support training evaluation, and explain our own seven-step guide to help you implement an evaluation process to measure the impact of learning programs.

Watershed's Seven Steps of Learning Evaluation

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