DevLearn 2023: Your Guide to xAPI & Learning Analytics Sessions

Are you attending DevLearn 2023 in Las Vegas? With so many informative sessions, deciding which ones to attend can be overwhelming. That's why we've compiled a list of our top picks to help you make the most of your time at the conference.

These sessions will explore the exciting world of xAPI and learning analytics, providing valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your learning and development initiatives. Join us as we explore the must-see sessions that caught our eye.

Turning Data into Insights that Drive Strategy at Fannie Mae

Ismael “Izzy” Lara, Madeline Holiman & Alexa Krezel • Session 107 • Wednesday, Oct. 25 • 10:45am

In this session, Watershed's own Izzy Lara will join Madeline Holiman and Alexa Krezel from Fannie Mae to showcase how they turned their learning ecosystem data into real-time reports to drive their people and learning strategy.

They’ll share their journey of integrating content providers into a learning experience platform (LXP) and using a learning record store (LRS) to pool data. See how to scope reporting requirements, deliver and integrate new insights into the daily business flow, and consider technical data governance factors when collecting data from multiple sources.

Navigating Common Learning Standards: How to Stay Out of Trouble

Joe Donnelly & Chris Tompkins • Session 810 • Friday, Oct. 27 • 10am

Dive into the world of learning standards with our friends at Rustici Software, where they’ll navigate the intricate maze of SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5. Over the years, SCORM has been the go-to, but xAPI and cmi5 promise to bridge the gaps left by SCORM.

And with various options, it’s crucial to understand which one aligns with your content needs. This session breaks down the pros, cons, and unique aspects of these standards, giving you the knowledge to make an informed choice.

Turning Your Learning Data into Compelling and Impactful Stories

Ravena Ramphal • Session 208 • Wednesday, Oct. 25 • 1:15 pm

Data storytelling is a powerful communication tool that adds context and meaning to learning data, enabling stakeholders to extract actionable insights. And in this session, you'll discover the benefits of using data storytelling to share insights, demonstrate ROI, and communicate impact.

Learn how to draw key insights from your learning data and craft engaging narratives using data visualization and analysis storytelling techniques. By the end of the session, you'll be able to present your data in a way that informs business decisions and optimizes learning experiences.

Learning Analytics – How xAPI Data Informs Decision Making

Duncan Welder & Art Werkenthin • Session 308 • Wednesday, Oct. 25 • 3:00pm

In the age of big data and xAPI, L&D professionals need to leverage learning and performance data to make informed business decisions. And this session explores how forward-thinking organizations already use learning and performance data for critical decision-making.

See how to evaluate your learning ecosystem, identify crucial data to capture, and share data for maximum impact. You'll also discover a four-step process for designing xAPI-based interactions to gather the needed data and evaluate learning experiences. And last, gain insights into how xAPI drives interoperability of learning ecosystems.

Don’t Just Give Me All the Data: Align KPIs with xAPI

Jason Haag • Session 408 • Thursday, Oct. 26 • 10:45am

Implementing xAPI without aligning it with KPIs can result in collecting data that lacks meaningful insights. In this session, you’ll learn how to identify measures that directly support evaluation, reporting, and analytics goals.

Explore existing frameworks like the Kirkpatrick Learning Evaluation Model to lay the foundation for your evaluation strategy. Discover measures for efficiency/utilization metrics, learning effectiveness, and business impact. This session will also help you align reporting goals and measures with xAPI data collection requirements, resulting in insightful visualizations and dashboards.

Getting Started with Learning Content Analytics

Cammy Bean & Joseph Replin • Session 509 • Thursday, Oct. 26 • 1:15pm

Even if you’re new to learning and development, understanding data and analytics is essential. This session provides a starting point for building data-driven learning organizations. Explore the need for data and analytics in L&D and learn about the core building blocks—what to measure, how to capture and analyze data, and how to engage the business with that data.

Discover the four dimensions of data—competence, perception, engagement, and reaction—and how they can improve learning outcomes. You’ll also explore real-world data dashboards to understand their impact on learning solutions.

Innovations in Learning Panel: AI, Evidence, and Analytics

Megan Torrance, Jason Haag, Chad Udell, and Jane Bozarth • Wednesday, Oct. 25 • 1:15pm

Join Megan Torrance, Jason Haag, Chad Udell, and Jane Bozarth during this interactive panel discussion. They'll cover everything from learning analytics and AI content creation tools to L&D myths and misconceptions.

Implementing xAPI: A Case Study for Beginners

Sarah Mercier • Session 608 • Thursday, Oct. 26 • 3pm

Implementing xAPI can be challenging, especially for organizations with limited technical experience. This session presents a beginner’s case study of a global organization, guiding you through the step-by-step process of xAPI implementation.

From building and reading xAPI statements to setting up a learning record store (LRS), you’ll gain practical insights and learn about the benefits and limitations of enterprise-level xAPI implementation. By the end of the session, you’ll have the knowledge and resources to implement xAPI in your own learning ecosystem.

Streamlining Learning Data Analytics with Power Automate and Power BI (BYOD)

Sandie Dela Cruz • Session 701 • Friday, Oct. 27 • 8:30am

Consolidating learning data from multiple sources for analysis in Power BI can be time-consuming. This session introduces a solution that uses Power Automate to streamline the data collection process, saving time and effort.

Learn how to create automated workflows with Power Automate, automate the process of consolidating data, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of learning data analytics. Gain hands-on experience and practical skills to apply in your own work without the need for an LRS.

Making Your L&D Case by Storytelling With Learning Data

Eli Bendet-Taicher • Session 805 • Friday, Oct. 27 • 10am

Are you ready to take your L&D skills to the next level? This session will teach you how to use storytelling techniques with learning data to make your case.

Discover the power of persuasive arguments, clear articulation, and the art of storytelling to construct compelling and winning arguments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to captivate your audience and make a lasting impact in the world of L&D.

Pre-Conference Event: xAPI User Conference

Tuesday, Oct. 24

The xAPI User Conference is a premier event that explores the newest and most impressive innovations driven by xAPI and delves into the recent developments of xAPI.

It also highlights real-life examples of organizations employing xAPI in their learning strategies. It also offers hands-on sessions spanning two tracks to enhance your strategic and technical understanding of xAPI.

Don’t forget to say hello at DevLearn!

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