David Ells Named Managing Director of Watershed

David Ells has been promoted to Managing Director of Watershed, a learning analytics platform that assesses the impact and effectiveness of corporate learning programs. Ells previously led the development team as Watershed’s Director of Technology and was instrumental in the company’s recent user interface refresh.

“David has been a crucial part of our success at Rustici Software and Watershed over a decade,” said Tim Martin, Chief Innovation and Product Officer at Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), Watershed’s parent company.

“I am proud of his development from an exceptional developer, to a technology leader, and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do leading a company as a whole. Learning analytics is inherently a technical discipline, and David’s sensibilities in this regard will serve Watershed well.”

Ells joined Watershed’s sister company Rustici Software in 2008 as a developer, where he helped create SCORM Cloud, a cloud-based SaaS solution that meets all eLearning needs from testing standards-based content to delivering courses and reporting on results.

He also led the development of the world’s first learning analytics platform powered by xAPI, a modern framework for exchanging data.

His promotion comes on the heels of LTG’s 2018 acquisition of Watershed and the departure of Mike Rustici, the company’s co-founder and former CEO.

“Coming from the technology side of the business, I have had the opportunity to drive the production of Watershed’s software from its earliest inception, beginning almost five years ago,” said Ells, who will help integrate Watershed’s analytics technology within existing LTG products in addition to future product innovations.

“It has been a great journey to bring it to fruition during these years, and the experience has left me deeply engaged and connected with Watershed. I am excited to bring that engagement into the new set of work in front of me today.”

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