Compare Performance Metrics with Accumulation Aggregation

Use Watershed's Accumulation Aggregation feature to compare performance metrics for different time periods.

What is it?

If everyone in your organization took training on the same day, it’s easy to compare before and after performance—you’d just use a simple date filter! It gets more complicated, however, when people take the same training at different times (which is far more realistic to how organizations train their employees).

Compare performance before and after training—no matter when it happens.

The Accumulation Aggregation measure utilizes data for filtered statements from before and after a corresponding event. For instance, this feature can be used to obtain data on your salespeople’s performance before and after completing a course. Below is an example of a Range Report showing performance of salespeople before and after training:

Learn more about Accumulation Aggregation.

To learn more about the Accumulation Aggregation, read our help section article.

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