How to Customize and Share Learning Reports with Stakeholders

We’ve added a lot of new features to Watershed this week! Here’s a rundown of each one and how you can start using them in your own account.

Program Report Group Drilldown

Watershed’s Program Report provides insight into a predefined learning program—such as compliance training or new hire training. Watch learners progress through courses, videos, and assessments as you keep up with high-level metrics, such as average scores and competencies demonstrated.

With the new Program Report Group Drilldown feature, it’s easier than ever to share data in the Program Report with managers and leadership. Combined with Watershed’s Groups Hierarchy feature, you can easily compare performance between different teams in your learning programs and share that information with the right people in your organization.

You and those with whom you’ve shared the program report will be able to see how different groups within your organization perform on the program. Users can click through the hierarchy to narrow down results to compare performance between certain individuals and/or teams.

To get the new Program Report Group Drilldown, you won’t need to make changes to any of your Program Reports. If you have Groups Hierarchy set up in your account, the drilldown will automatically appear in Program Reports that track people in groups.

Chart Color Customization

Not only can you customize your Watershed skin to match your organization's color palette, but now you also can customize chart colors to further align your reporting with your brand!

Dashboard Ordering

Because many of our clients take full advantage of unlimited Watershed dashboards and reports, we’ve released a tool to help you manage and organize your ever-growing list of dashboards.

To order your dashboards, click on Settings and select Dashboards from the dropdown menu. Simply drag and drop the dashboards to place them in the preferred order. Keep in mind, when you reorder dashboards, they'll appear in that order for all users.

Custom ID Filtering

For developers and advanced users using JSON to create reports in Advanced Configuration, filtering people and groups in reports has always required looking up Watershed IDs. With the new Custom ID Filtering, you can now use the IDs as they come in from your data sources (e.g., your HR system or your LMS).

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