Dynamic People Filters, Histogram Dimensions & Measure Calculations

We’ve added a lot of new features to Watershed this month—including Dynamic People Filters, a Histogram dimension, measure calculations, and a new user type, Area Admin.

Dynamic People Filters

You’ve always been able to filter your reports in Watershed to focus on certain people or parts of your organization. With Watershed’s new Dynamic People Filters feature, you can filter reports to show people who have (or have not) performed certain actions. This is a great way to filter compliance training reports to find those who have started training or filter safety incident reports to identify people who have not completed safety training.


The new Histogram dimension allows you to easily see frequency of data distribution across a data set. It's the perfect way to split people into cohorts based on performance or track how people are interacting with your content.

Measure Calculations

Measures are ways of aggregating specific data points from the data you collect. They’re typically the numbers you see displayed on Watershed’s charts, and their values have always been derived directly from your data. Now, your measure values can be the result of mathematical calculations from other measures. This is useful for calculating things such as ROI, average monthly total sales per person, or completions as a percentage of enrollments.

New User Type: Area Admin

We’ve also added a new user type called Area Admin, which provides some Global Admin reporting power to individuals who shouldn’t have access to an entire data set. In addition to creating and editing dashboards for other users, Global Admins also have access to all data within Watershed. While the new Area Admin user type has the same ability to create and edit dashboards, these users can only see a limited set of data based on your organizational hierarchy.

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