Enhanced Dashboard Management

Watershed’s Enhanced Dashboard Management allows you to categorize dashboards, group them in the dashboard menu, and set permissions for groups of dashboards.

Categorizing Dashboards

Large organizations that use Watershed can have difficulty managing their hundreds of dashboards and complex hierarchy of users. With new Dashboard Categories, it’s much easier to control your dashboards and how users access them.

Once you create Dashboard Categories and associate related dashboards to them, they’ll be grouped within the main dashboard menu and you can control permissions to multiple dashboards at once.

Dashboard categories can be created within the main dashboard menu.

Grouping Dashboards in the Dashboard Menu

Once dashboards have been categorized, they will be nested in the main dashboard menu. This will help simplify Watershed for many of your users, especially if you have many separate but related dashboards

After dashboard categories are created, they will be located in the Dashboard dropdown.

Setting Permissions for Groups of Dashboards

With the new Dashboard View Permissions tab, multiple dashboards’ permissions can be updated at once. Previously, an organization's admins would need to change permissions one dashboard at a time for each user.

Dashboard permissions can be managed in the new Dashboard View Permissions tab.

How does this affect my current dashboards?

After the Dashboard Organization features go live, your dashboards and reports will remain unchanged. To use the new categorization feature, group dashboards, or change permissions, go into the Dashboard page in Settings.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about the new Dashboard Organization features check out Creating and Editing Dashboards in the help section. When the feature goes live on August 13, start organizing your dashboard by going to the Dashboard Menu within the Settings Tab in your Watershed Account.

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Where Can I Get Help?

To learn more about using all of Watershed's features, visit our help section. You're also welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

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