Quickly Upload and Send CSV Files with Enhanced Group Import Feature

Because organizations often represent their internal hierarchies in Watershed by using the Groups feature, we've enhanced our Groups Import feature to make getting that L&D information into Watershed even easier.

Our Groups API has always allowed you to create direct feeds between your HR system and Watershed to establish and maintain internal hierarchies.

Because some clients may choose not to implement this API, we developed the Group Import feature so you can upload CSV files to Watershed or regularly send Watershed CSV files with the same data.

Why would I want to organize my learners into groups?

Learners can be split into different groups—which you can then use to filter reports, compare performances between teams, and allow the right people to see the right data.

Who can use the Group Import feature?

Only admins can upload group CSV files.

Do I need to adjust my existing Groups API feed?

No, this new feature won’t affect any existing Groups API feed.

How do I use this new feature?

First, you’ll need to set up a template so we know how to translate your CSV file into groups data (we also offer a default template). You can then upload CSVs directly into Watershed or set up an automatic feed for your CSV files.

Can I create groups or change group membership through Watershed’s interface?

While you can’t create groups or change group membership through Watershed’s interface, you can use the Group Import feature to accomplish both of these tasks.

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