Show Training's Impact with Event Lines in Watershed

The Event Lines feature serves as a representation of which events are impacting an organization's metrics.

What is the Event Lines feature in Watershed?

When using a Line Chart to track metrics over time, our clients often notice sudden changes in values. These changes can indicate that your programs are making an impact. For instance, a coaching intervention caused an increase in performance, or a compliance training reduced the number of safety incidents.

By itself, the Line Chart can’t tell the full story; it can only show the changes over time. With Watershed’s new Event Lines feature, you can represent the impact of your training initiatives to your stakeholders.

Event Lines are configured to appear when training, incidents, classes, or other important events happen in your organization. In the example below, a coaching intervention temporarily improved a number of KPIs for an individual.

Event Lines on a Line Report show how a Coaching Intervention temporarily improved KPIs.

Without the Event Lines, your stakeholders would only see the change in metric value—now you can set context and show how your programs and initiatives are making an impact.

How do I set up Event Lines?

Event Lines automatically appear on Line Reports based on activity data, so there’s no need to individually configure every Event Line. Check out our Line Report help section to learn how to set them up.

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