Report Metadata, HTML in Metric Report, Status Page in Watershed

Our latest Watershed feature updates include report metadata, HTML in the Metric Report, and our new status page.

Report Metadata

Watershed already allows admins to select who can create and edit dashboards; but as more people begin creating and editing reports, account governance becomes important.

That's why our updated Reports page now includes additional information (i.e., metadata) that will help as you roll out Watershed to large numbers of users.

These upgrades to the Reports page also offer support as you troubleshoot any reporting issues potentially caused by your users.

Additional metadata includes date and time of report creation, updates, and access, as well as who created or updated that report.

See who created a report, when they created it, who last updated a report, when they last updated it, and when the report was last viewed.

HTML in the Metric Report

The Metric Report enables dashboard creators to create a text box that highlights a metric (such as a specific KPI or other key measure). This provides context to the other reports on the dashboard so people viewing the dashboard can quickly understand the data they’re seeing.

To enhance end user experience, we’ve added the ability to bring HTML into the Metric Report—which gives users the flexibility to add links, images, and other rich text.

Add images, rich text, links and more using HTML in the Metric Report.

Status Page

We've launched two new Watershed Status Pages (US servers and EU Servers) to bring you more transparency and information about our network status worldwide.

We understand how disruptive incidents can be, so we designed these pages using industry-leading tools to provide more relevant, timely, and detailed information about each incident, update, and scheduled maintenance.

To ensure that all incidence information reaches the right person on your team in a timely manner, we recommend all relevant members of your team visit our new Watershed Status Page to subscribe to updates right away.

Watershed's new Status Page allows users to see our network status worldwide.

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Where Can I Get Help?

To learn more about using all of Watershed's features, visit our help section. You're also welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

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