Quick Filter Customization & Changes to Area Admin User Type

Our latest Watershed updates include the ability to customize Quick Filters for dashboards and reports and changes to the Area Admin User Type.

Quick Filter Customization

You now can customize which Watershed Quick Filters appear for your users. Quick Filters allow your users to filter reports and dashboards without needing to access the Report Builder. These filters, which aren't saved, are perfect for providing limited report control to users not familiar with Watershed.

The new customizable Quick Filter options

Each Quick Filter now has multiple options:

  • All. This shows all available filter options for the Quick Filter which matches previous functionality.
  • Custom. This allows you to choose a static set of Quick Filters that will appear for your dashboard or report. With Dates Quick Filters, you can create and name custom date ranges.
  • Report. This is a dynamic list of Quick Filters that only corresponds with the data in a specific report. This option is available on Report Quick Filters, but not on Dashboard Quick Filters.
  • Disabled. This hides Quick Filters for a dashboard or report.

We hope you enjoy the new Quick Filter options. Please let us know if you have any questions implementing them or want to share a success with Quick Filters.

Updates to the Area Admin User Types

As organizations expand their Watershed implementations, dashboard and measure management becomes more important. We’re releasing a slight change to the Area Admin user type based on client feedback, and removing the ability to:

  • reorder Dashboards and Measures, and
  • rename Dashboard Categories.

An Area Admin’s view of an Onboarding dashboard

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Where Can I Get Help?

To learn more about using all of Watershed's features, visit our help section. You're also welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

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