Share Training Data with Watershed's Report Subscription Feature

Report Subscriptions allow Watershed users to choose a report to be regularly emailed to stakeholders. With this new feature, people who receive the email don’t need to have Watershed accounts to see the data in the report.

Data in Watershed is not only important to Watershed users, but it’s also of interest to people who don’t have access to Watershed. The Report Subscriptions feature gives these stakeholders the opportunity to easily and conveniently view the data via email on a regular basis.

An automated Report Subscription email sending updates about Leadership Training.

Easier, Quicker Access to Reports

How will this change the experience in the Watershed app? Users already have the ability to share Watershed reports with people who don’t have logins, but users had to manually send shareable links to people who needed to see those reports. Now, users can select the people they want to receive a specific report, and Watershed will automatically send scheduled emails linking to the data in that report.

An automated Report Subscription email sending updates about Leadership Training.

Who did we develop this for?

We developed Report Subscriptions to satisfy specific use cases for our clients:

  • An L&D department in a manufacturing company needs to keep factory managers updated on compliance statuses for factory employees. Leaderboards tracking employee compliance status will now automatically be sent to each factory manager. Having easy access to this data means managers can follow up with employees who are non-compliant or whose compliance is about to expire.
  • For one month every year, one of our client’s salespeople compete in a sales training game whose data is then sent to Watershed. During this month, emails will be regularly sent to every member of the sales team showing his or her performance versus the rest of his or her team members. Since the salespeople don’t have access to Watershed, this is the first time they’re all able to regularly see the data. Ideally, the Report Subscriptions will spark their competitive sides in order to improve their performance.

Where can I get help?

To learn more about Report Subscriptions, read our help section articles:

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Where Can I Get Help?

To learn more about using all of Watershed's features, visit our help section. You're also welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

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