Configure Time Zones and Date Filters in Watershed

Watershed’s clients include large organizations with users who span across the globe. With the new Time Zone option, these Watershed users can now view reports configured to match their local time zones or any time zone in the world.

Configure date filters.

The new Time Zone options will help when configuring date filters on reports. For example, a user in Australia looking at daily usage data from the United States would probably see skewed data because U.S. business hours occur when it’s nighttime in Australia. This new Watershed option gives the Australian user the ability to set a U.S. time zone for a report so the data matches the learners’ respective time zone.

See how data changes over time.

The new Time Zone option also allows international organizations to see how data changes over time. Because reports that track data changes over time split learners into time-based groups, it’s important to localize learners’ actions to where those learners are physically located.

If learners are based primarily in Japan, for instance, you would split the learners based on Japan’s time zone to ensure each learner appears in the proper cohort.

It's time to get started!

To start using the Time Zone option, go to the Dates filter in Report Builder, Watershed’s report creation tool. Log in right now to check it out for yourself!

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