Use Essentials LRS Dashboard for Basic L&D Insights [GUIDE]

We're excited to announce that we've added the new Essentials LRS dashboard to Watershed. Essentials delivers basic insights for L&D practitioners who want to track and explore learning outside a learning management system (LMS). The dashboard provides six preconfigured reports that answer common questions about learners and their activities. New features include global filters and multi-level drilldown.

Who can see Essentials?

Only Admin users can see the Essentials dashboard. Essentials can be accessed via the dashboard menu in the top left corner of Watershed.

How do I add my data to Essentials?

You won’t need to do anything to see your data in Essentials—all of your account’s data is automatically in the reports.

What are global filters?

Global filters allow you to filter all the Essentials reports at once. The global filters on Essentials are located in the top left corner of the dashboard.

  • The All data sources menu filters the reports based on individual data sources.
  • The Last 30 days menu allows you to control data shown on the reports based on different timeframes.

What is multi-level drilldown?

Clicking any blue highlighted name or number on the dashboard will reveal a popup window that allows you to dig further into your data. You also can click on the numbers and names within those popup windows to dig even further into data.

When are features, such as global filters and multi-level drilldown, going to be available on my other dashboards?

Adding these capabilities to existing dashboards and reports is on our roadmap, but we don’t have an exact time estimate yet.

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Where Can I Get Help?

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