How Do I Know What Users Can See in Watershed?

Enterprise implementations of Watershed can report on hundreds of thousands of learners, and the users accessing those reports can reach triple digits across departments or hierarchies. So, how do you control what data or dashboards users can see? Here’s what you need to know about setting custom permissions and restrictions in Watershed.

5 Ways to Control What Users See in Watershed

Use the following guide to properly set up what users can view and edit in Watershed.

1) User Roles

User Roles have the biggest impact on what your users can see and do in Watershed. There are three roles within Watershed—Global Admin, Area Admin, and User—each with different access to data and features. So, when adding new users or editing existing users, you'll need to choose an appropriate user role.

2) Data Permissions

Organizations can store large amounts of learning data, so it’s critical that the right people see the right data about the right learners.

With Data Permissions, you can control the data that both individual users and groups can see in Watershed.

3) Report Builder Access

Want to restrict who can create and edit reports?

Report Builder Access allows you to select which users can access and see the report builder and, therefore, create and edit reports in Watershed.

4) Dashboard Permissions

With Watershed’s dashboards, you can create sets of reports that are relevant to any number of people in your organization.

You can use the Dashboard Permissions feature to control which dashboards each of your users can access.

5) Measure Permissions

Measures are ways of aggregating data for reporting. Advanced users can create reusable measures for other users so reporting can be easier for users without experience with Watershed or analytics.

Some measures won’t be useful to certain users, so use Measure Permissions to control which measures users can see.

Check Your User Settings

Once you’ve set up your users, you can check what they can see to ensure user settings and permissions are set up correctly. The View Dashboards As functionality allows Global Admins to look at any of Watershed's dashboards as if they are other users within your organization.

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