Watershed Wins Infrastructure Group of the Year Award from NTC

Application infrastructure matters a lot. Just like with a building, the structural integrity of a software application requires a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation, software tends to crumble under stress, just as a house resting on cinder blocks can be damaged by the smallest of storms. The foundation for a SaaS application is its server infrastructure.

Having a solid tech infrastructure means you’re ready for whatever your clients throw your way:

  • Ready to track live data for multiple 100,000+ person companies? Yup.
  • Ready for tens of millions of xAPI statements? Yup.
  • Ready for a course to launch to 100,000+ learners on the same day? Yup.
  • Ready for clients to monitor 1,500+ reports? Yup.
  • Ready for everybody from the CLO down to individual managers to receive custom, permissions-based views into their data? Yup.
  • Ready for high-stakes security audits? Yup.
  • Ready for European deployments and strict data privacy regulations? Yup.

Watershed handled all of this and more during 2017, but we couldn’t have done it without the investment we made in our infrastructure.

Infrastructure work is hard, complicated stuff that can feel unrewarding. It doesn’t show up in sexy, new features that users love.

And you rarely get praise when something doesn’t break or when the data freight train doesn’t run you over. People don't often notice when things just work the way they're meant to.

But last night, somebody did!

We’re so thankful to the Nashville Technology Council for presenting Watershed with its Infrastructure Group of the Year award!

We’re very proud of the infrastructure we’ve built and are confident Watershed is the best-equipped learning record store (LRS) for large-scale production use because of that infrastructure.

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