Announcing xAPIgo @DevLearn

DevLearn 2016 is right around the corner, and it's the only place where you can play xAPIgo—an exciting game that allows you to experience xAPI firsthand while challenging your colleagues for the top of the leaderboard!

DevLearn 2016 is going to be big for anybody interested in or involved with xAPI. Whether you’re an xAPI nerd or just getting started, there’s lots going on for you to learn from, experiment with, and enjoy:

  • First, there’s an xAPI Camp the day before DevLearn officially begins.
  • Second, there’s a corner of the exhibition called “xAPI Central” where you can learn about xAPI-related products and services.
  • And third, we’re really excited to announce an xAPI-powered game called xAPIgo!

xAPIgo sounds exciting! What is it?

Yes, it is exciting! xAPIgo is a fun, free, interactive game that allows you to experience xAPI in action. All conference attendees are invited to join this hands-on experience that you can play as you explore the exhibition.

Several DevLearn exhibitors have created unique “xAPIstops” at their booths, where you can participate in xAPI-enabled activities. These activities range from the simple to the outlandish, from the basic to the complex, from the inspirational to the aspirational. You’ll be tracked as you complete e-learning courses, watch videos, play games, tweet, observe jumping jacks, and more!

All the data will be collected together in Watershed so you can monitor your performance, compete for top scores, and check off your progress as you complete activities. High-level results will be displayed on, and you can swing by to see Watershed at Booth 548 to dig into the data in more detail!

Why are you doing this?

There’s a perception that you need to be a data nerd or a programmer to use xAPI in a project. That was probably true in 2015, but now there are lots and lots of products that you can buy and connect immediately. xAPIgo is a demonstration on that.

Of course, there’s also cool stuff you can do with custom xAPI solutions, and xAPIgo is a demonstration and celebration of those solutions as well. As I said above, there’s a real range of activities from the down-to-earth stuff you can imagine doing in your organization immediately, to the intergalactic rocketship ideas that you can aspire to implement in the future.

I want to know more! How can I keep up to date?

Watch the #xAPIgo hashtag on Twitter for more news and teasers from vendors about their weird and wonderful activities. We’re expecting a lot of activity on that hashtag as DevLearn gets closer (and we’re tracking it using xAPI, too)!

Amazing! How do I sign up for xAPIgo?

You can sign up in less than 15 seconds (if you type fast and have a short name). Just go to to and fill in your name, email address, and Twitter username. We'll be using these identifiers to keep track of you as you move between vendors, so make sure you use the same email address and Twitter account while you're playing xAPIgo.

You can register at any time, even after you've started completing activities. Any progress you make before registering will be automagically connected to your account when you register.

If you’re worried about privacy or marketing spam, there’s no requirement for you to use your main email address and Twitter account. If you want to try the game anonymously, there’s nothing to stop you creating a throw-away email and Twitter account just for xAPIgo. You can even use a fake name and wear a mask for the selfie activity.

I’m a vendor and I haven’t heard about this! How do I get involved?

We tried to contact everybody exhibiting at DevLearn, so sorry if you slipped through the net. Please contact us to get involved. If you’re not at DevLearn but want to be involved in xAPIgo at a future event, or you have any other questions, then Andrew is also the guy to email.

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