Office Snacks: We've Got All That and a Bag of Chips

We’ve talked about it before...but we really like to eat. Our kitchen is stocked with an almost endless supply of snacks and drinks. There are few things in life as satisfying as an afternoon snack. Think about it. When you were in grade school, how often did you run off the bus just to get home and raid the pantry for the Pop Tarts you hid from your brother? It can’t be just me, right?

We decided a long time ago that part of building a lasting company culture meant having snacks and drinks in the office. It's just a thing we do. Have you ever tried to do meaningful, important work on an empty stomach? It’s virtually impossible! What about thinking you’re just running out of the office for a quick lunch, and it ends up taking more than an hour? We’ve all been there.

It’s a true create-your-own-snack adventure!

On any given day here, you’ll find fresh fruit and veggies, individual packs of chips and popcorn, a literal bucket of chocolate candy, yogurt, a variety of nuts and granola bars, cheese, and a healthy amount of “hand meat” (what we’ve come to call salami and other cured meats, which you eat with your hands).

Our drink selection has evolved over the years, and I think we’ve finally found a blend of drinks to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a bubbly water fan (Hello, LaCroix, we’re huge fans...send us swag!), or prefer one of the five varieties of diet sodas, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got a filtered water station for those who prefer their water bubble-less, which I will never understand.

For those days that deserve a little celebration, we’ve got something for that, too. You can find a stocked bar cart in our aptly named Cantina, as well as beer and wine in the fridge. Once a year, we celebrate Dip Day, which isn’t a real holiday but gives us an excuse to binge eat all kinds of sweet and savory dips.

You might be wondering, how do our people not go overboard with all that awesomeness in the kitchen?!

Well, it's easy. We provide a balance of healthy snacks and sprinkle in the not-so-healthy snacks—looking at you, peanut M&Ms. Life, work and personal, is all about balance and boundaries, and our people understand that.

We aren’t hitting the bar cart every day (or every week, even), and we try to make balanced choices when snacking. Does that mean we eat carrots and hummus for every snack? Of course not. It simply means we will drink water with our cheese covered chips ;)

In all seriousness, we provide these things because it gives us another way to come together over a snack or a drink. Some of the greatest business ideas have happened around our lunch table, and we’d be remiss to inhibit that. So, pull up a chair and have a snack, on us.

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