Unlock Detailed OpenSesame Course Reporting with Watershed

Report on all your OpenSesame content to keep track of your learners and monitor training content utilization.

Connect with Watershed for detailed reporting and dashboards on all your OpenSesame eLearning data. Keep track of your learners as they work through the content and monitor the overall usage of your OpenSesame content library. You’ll see which parts of the organization use which courses, so you can get the most out of your OpenSesame investment and ensure everyone is benefiting from the content.

Watershed empowers L&D to make data-driven decisions with easy-to-use dashboards and fully customizable reports. Once you’re set up, your employees, managers, and L&D teams can make informed decisions using intuitive reports. Spotting trends has never been so easy!

Connecting with OpenSesame is just the start! Once you’re set up with Watershed, we can connect to any data source in your learning ecosystem. This lets you paint a bigger picture of your learner behavior and program performance across your entire organization.

Drill down into detailed eLearning analytics for enhanced L&D insights.

Watershed offers detailed reporting on eLearning course data, whether that content uses xAPI, SCORM, or another specification. Many OpenSesame courses send complete data, which you can present in Watershed reports. Even if a course doesn't send all the data you need, you can still visualize it in Watershed and fill in any gaps using the Activity Editor (manually or via a course catalog CSV import). And where course data exists, Watershed reports include:

Course and Assessment Metrics

Keep track of course completions, success rates, scores, and time taken.

Learner Performance & Activity

Line managers can use leaderboards to track and compare learners.

Assessment & Quiz Questions

Dig deeper into your learning programs with detailed question-level analytics.

Course and Assessment Metrics

Keep track of course completions, success rates, scores, and time taken.

Learner Performance & Activity

Line managers can use leaderboards to track and compare learners.

Assessment & Quiz Questions

Dig deeper into your learning programs with detailed question-level analytics.

Fast-track configuration with report-ready templates.

Watershed’s Activity report gives you all the visualizations you need to explore your eLearning course data in one rapid-configuration report. Simply select the course you want to report on, name the report, and save! The Activity report includes:

  • An overview of completions, successes, and failures overall and by organizational unit.
  • A leaderboard of first/last/best scores per learner with interaction history for each.
  • A score distribution chart for analyzing learner performance.
  • Charts showing score, completion, success, and duration over time so you can monitor trends in performance.
  • Organizational unit comparison tables.
  • Question-by-question results, including how many people chose each option and the average time taken per question (where the data is available). This report uses specially designed visualizations chosen for each interaction type (e.g. multiple choice, matching, sequence, etc.).
  • Question analysis compares a set of questions to evaluate the difficulty of each question and identifies questions with a high or low correlation of success with overall quiz success. You can use this analysis to identify questions that need to be reviewed and potentially rewritten to improve the assessment.

Ensure learners use your OpenSesame content.

With Watershed, you can check how much OpenSesame content is used—including monitoring content type usage and who is using it.

  • Content Utilization. Monitor usage of OpenSesame content as a whole and by category. Use this information to identify key content to promote to learners.
  • Completion Reporting. Keep track of trends in course completions. Use this data to promote popular high-completion content or review content that many learners start but don't finish so you can update or remove it.

Report on specific organizational units and teams with HRIS integration.

Watershed enriches your OpenSesame eLearning data with HRIS information, so you can segment and compare your data by organizational unit and team. This means you can:

  • Configure a manager dashboard where each manager views data about their own team.
  • Identify the popular content and topics for a particular job role or organizational unit.
  • Produce per-department and per-team compliance lists of people that need to complete training.
  • Use data permissions to ensure you comply with relevant data protection guidelines and laws.

How do I convince my stakeholders?

The enhanced insights you get from connecting Watershed with OpenSesame allow you to continuously improve your learning programs and learners' experience.

However, we know that getting buy-in from stakeholders can be challenging. That’s why we’ve put this handy guide together to get you moving:

Prove Learning’s Value: Making the Business Case for Learner Analytics

How does OpenSesame work with Watershed?

Our integrations team will work with the OpenSesame team to get the integration turned on, so you can focus on exploring your data.

Data from OpenSesame flows into Watershed in real-time, so you can keep track of learner completions and assessment results as they happen. Present your data in Watershed dashboards and reports configured to meet your requirements, which stakeholders can access on demand.

What data is included?

Different OpenSesame eLearning courses will send different levels of detail in their data. Regardless, Watershed has reports specifically designed to present that data in the clearest and most insightful way possible. This data might include:

  • Course completions and success status
  • Time taken and scores
  • Slide views
  • Question responses

While our implementation team will take care of all of the details when importing your OpenSesame data into our learning record store, you may this resource helpful:

How do I get started?

We handle setting up your data integration for you, so speak with your Watershed account manager to get started. We’ll get this reusable data connection set up, and you’ll be enjoying the insights from your data before you know it.

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