Our legacy is your advantage.

Our team has been in the learning and development space for 15 years. From building the middleware that some of the largest formal learning systems operate on, to developing the first learning analytics platform powered by xAPI, we’ve seen it all.

We’ve built a culture of autonomy, respect, and trust. Inside and outside our brightly colored walls, our team approaches each day with a basic set of principles that enables us to delight customers and build amazing products. One of our core values is “Be very real.” So, in the spirit of being real, here are three things we believe:

  1. Regardless of what anyone says, there isn’t just one right way of approaching Learning and Development.
  2. Doing things differently is totally fine. In fact, we respect it.
  3. It’s okay to make mistakes. We won’t judge—we’ll figure it out together.

What about Learning Technologies Group?

We’re also owned by Learning Technologies Group plc, a publicly traded company based in the United Kingdom. While some of our team members interact with them on a regular basis, most of us continue to focus on the work we’ve been doing for years. And, because LTG owns businesses that may compete with Watershed partners, we passionately maintain our independence and reserve the right to refuse information and opportunities from other Group businesses.

Meet the people behind the product.

We weren’t kidding when we said our people are our most important asset. With backgrounds ranging from technical consultants and business owners to learning designers and educators, just to name a few, our team brings a diverse set of skills and personalities. Our experience spans a variety of industries, which means we offer perspectives that generally aren’t found in your typical tech business.


Abbey Smith

As Watershed’s media relations and editorial director, Abbey manages our brand and buzz. She enjoys a good mystery—especially if it features Hercule Poirot, n’est-ce pas?

Adam Taylor

Adam is a full-stack developer, working with the development team to produce new features, fix bugs, and update the Watershed app. Outside of work, you can find him in the gym preparing for Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions.

Andrea Coberly

As our implementation manager, Andrea ensures clients have all the resources and advice they need to get started with Watershed as quickly as possible. She also loves traveling and exploring new places, especially when it comes to trying out the unique cuisine each locale has to offer.

Bill Conran

As Watershed's vice president of sales, Bill brings years of experience in e-learning to the team. He loves the outdoors and previously sang and wrote songs in a Britpop-influenced band called Acrylic.

Brandon Brodkin
As our sales manager, Brandon educates prospective clients on learning analytics and the roadmap to leveraging Watershed. Want to talk about health, yoga, and other mindfulness practices? He can do that, too.
Brooks Alford

Brooks leads our client experience efforts. Everything from implementations to documentation falls into his world. He's our go-to guy when we need restaurant recommendations, celebrity news, or help navigating Watershed.

Craig Borowski
Craig is our exuberant sales director who loves building relationships with clients and prospects and helping them find solutions to their needs. He also enjoys painting, fly fishing, and SCUBA diving.
David Ells
As Watershed's CEO, David leads our team and loves turning abstract ideas into reality. He's a former electronica DJ and has been known to occasionally put down a set and show off his old dance moves.
Ervin Puskar
Ervin is a software developer and focuses on creating new product features while challenging clients to broaden their horizons with Watershed. He enjoys CrossFit, can solve a Rubik's cube in less than a minute, and is a self-proclaimed "decent juggler."
Jim Anderson
Jim is our customer support manager, who helps ensure client success with Watershed. With past stints as a neural network researcher, software developer, and math teacher, he is also a Nashville Predators fanatic and he's certified to teach instrumental and choral music.
John Hayden

John is a developer who focuses on core product development and implementing new features. He is a classically trained guitarist and frequently schools us at ping pong.

Lizelle Holstein
Lizelle is Watershed's marketing director and provides the strategic vision for all aspects of marketing. She appreciates a nice reposado or anejo, loves sci-fi, and dreams of owning a French bulldog named Larold.
Mike Rustici

Mike is Watershed's founder and former CEO, and still remains our official company mascot.

Nick Chouard

Nick is a full-stack developer dedicated to improving Watershed's current functionality and scaling up the product to fit our clients' needs. When he isn't coding, you can find him chasing after frisbees or soccer balls around Nashville.

Peter Dobinson

With a background in learning technology, Peter is a consultant who focuses on helping organizations implement and use Watershed. He also works with the industry to further the implementation of xAPI. And Watershed’s location affords him a special perk due to his love of a fine whisk(e)y.

Tim Dickinson
Our director of strategy influences how the Watershed product is sent to market. In his free time, Tim loves the adventure of traveling to new cities and countries around the globe and hanging out with his dog, Bo Jackson.