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Our legacy is your advantage.

Our team has been in the learning and development space for 15 years. From building the middleware that some of largest formal learning systems operate on, to developing the first learning analytics platform powered by xAPI, we’ve seen it all.

We’ve built a culture of autonomy, respect, and trust. Inside and outside our brightly colored walls, our team approaches each day with a basic set of principles that enables us to delight customers and build amazing products. One of our core values is “Be very real.” So, in the spirit of being real, here are three things we believe:

  1. Regardless of what anyone says, there isn’t just one right way of approaching Learning and Development.
  2. Doing things differently is totally fine. In fact, we respect it.
  3. It’s okay to make mistakes. We won’t judge—we’ll figure it out together.

Meet the people behind the product.

We weren’t kidding when we said our people are our most important asset. With backgrounds ranging from technical consultants and business owners to learning designers and educators, just to name a few, our team brings a diverse set of skills and personalities. Our experience spans a variety of industries, which means we offer perspectives that generally aren’t found in your typical tech company.


Abbey Smith

Abbey spends her days crafting content and building our brand through PR. She takes her choice in Sharpie color as seriously as the proper use of apostrophes.

Andrew Downes

Andrew helps clients achieve their learning goals and work with xAPI. He also adds British bits ‘n’ bobs to our otherwise American lexicon.

Bill Conran

As a senior director at Watershed, Bill has years of experience in safety and compliance e-learning. He loves Oscar Wilde and random British ‘90s bands.

Brooks Alford

Brooks leads our client experience efforts. Everything from implementations to documentation falls into his world. He's our go-to guy when we need restaurant recommendations, celebrity news, or help navigating Watershed.

David Ells
David sits at the helm of our development team. He likes eating burritos with pineapple-peach salsa—especially after his afternoon trips to the YMCA.
Ervin Puskar

As a developer, Ervin helps clients dream big about using Watershed. Although we tease him about his CrossFit passion, he muscles up and takes it in stride.

Geoff Alday

Geoff tackles both UX and UI design for the Watershed app. He loves bluegrass music, can play the mandolin, and wants to believe Bigfoot is real.

Jena Garrett

Jena keeps our company going, our bellies full, and our minds free of clutter. She loves glitter and despises hot tea.

Jim Anderson

A former high school math teacher, Jim is a developer who implements and supports client projects. He’s also certified to teach instrumental and choral music.

John Hayden

John is a developer who focuses on core product development and implementing new features. He is a classically trained guitarist and frequently schools us at ping pong.

Lizelle Holstein

Lizelle leads our marketing efforts, showcasing who we are and what we do. She enjoys a good anejo while listening to Roxette.

Tim Chudy

Tim (aka “Chudy”) helps L&D professionals understand their learning ecosystems. He has an endless supply of “dad jokes” and dreams of owning a giant waterslide.

Mike Rustici

CEO, founder, and company mascot. Mike believes ice cream is the “elixir of life,” loves LEGO® blocks, and thinks putting raisins in chocolate chip cookies is normal.

Tim Dickinson

Tim heads our market team. To say he admires athlete Bo Jackson is an understatement. He even named his dog after the sports legend.