2 Award-Winning L&D Programs Powered by Watershed

As we come to the end of another busy year, we’re reminded how lucky we are to work with some of the most innovative thinkers in the learning and development industry.

We’ve found that those who understand the value of aggregating the data across their learning ecosystems are able to make informed decisions that guide their learning, people, and business strategies. And we aren’t the only ones who recognize and value this innovative approach; here are two Watershed-powered, award-winning projects that impressed the Brandon Hall Group judges.

Congrats to these Brandon Hall Group Award Winners!

Nebraska Medicine: Best Advance in Performance Support Technology

Hand Hygiene Compliance: From Pen and Paper Performance Support to Data-Driven Insights

Nebraska Medicine switched from pen and paper checklists to modern, digital workplace observations using Watershed’s learning analytics platform and an observation checklist app outfitted with xAPI.

As a result, management now has instant access to on-demand data, allowing immediate interventions and cementing this essential compliance requirement.

This streamlined process is seeing rapid adoption rates, increasing the total number of observations by 15%, offering new self-development paths to entry-level observers, and experiencing significant time savings (estimated at $4,050/month) thanks to automated data uploads.

Read Nebraska Medicine’s case study to learn more about how they observe and track their hand hygiene compliance program.

Danone: Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools

How Watershed centralized Danone's learning ecosystem data for an insights-driven future

Cultivating a development-focused mindset amongst their employees is a top priority for Danone. So in 2019, they launched Campus X—offering open access to resources to their 100,000 people, spanning 57 countries.

The launch improved the learning experience, however Danone was faced with the challenge in terms of handling the data, which was scattered across several platforms, could not be manually consolidated, and—crucially—lacked the visibility for analysis.

Watershed offers Danone a scalable solution that can expand over time, converting learning data into xAPI and aligning it with HRIS data to offer easy-to-use reports that visualize the data and provide learning leaders with the insights to drive their strategy.

Read Danone’s case study to see how they invested in a scalable solution that provides leaders with the insights to drive their people and learning strategy.

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