What L&D Data Sources Provide the Best xAPI Data?

Watershed can receive data from any Learning Record Provider following the xAPI specification and then display that data in a range of flexible reports, giving you actionable insights into the performance of your learners and learning materials.

Not all Learning Record Providers are equal.

Some Learning Record Providers (LRPs)—formerly known as “Activity Providers”—send more useful data than others.

For example, one xAPI-conformant eLearning course might simply record that learners completed a course. Another course, however, might send detailed records of learners’ interactions within the course, including how they answered questions and scored and how long it took to complete the course.

While both of these LRPs will work with Watershed, you’ll get more insight out of the one that sends more data.

NOTE: Be aware that a minority of LRPs send technically conformant, but confusing data.

Get started with L&D data sources.

So how do you know which LRPs produce the best xAPI data that result in the best Watershed reports?

We’ve put together a list of Watershed Data Sources that we’ve tested and confirmed send good data. For each data source, we’ve included instructions for configuring both the data source and Watershed for optimal results.

Keep in mind, this list is just a start. There are many LRPs that will work well with Watershed, which we hope to test soon. If you have any questions about these products or think your product should be on our list, let us know and we’ll be in touch soon.


Use Credly and Watershed to track people’s skills and accreditations. Keep up with trending skills, map out organizational skills, and identify knowledge gaps. You can also use Credly reporting in Watershed to celebrate accomplishments and ensure all parts of the organization use Credly.

Watershed lets you combine your Credly data with HRIS data, as well as any other data sources you may already be using. This helps you spot trends across your entire learning ecosystem.


Connect Degreed and Watershed to enrich L&D data with HR information and then combine it with data from your content libraries and learning systems to unlock insights—such as search topics, skills gaps, and your top-performing content.

Watershed’s reports and dashboard clearly visualize data, making it easy for your managers and L&D team to spot trends and get ahead of the curve. Easily configure reports and dashboards with Watershed’s Report Builder so you can make informed data-driven decisions.


Use Rustici Software products—such as Engine, SCORM Cloud, and Content Controller—to convert learning data from SCORM and AICC packages into xAPI.

And then send the learning data from all your courses to Watershed for in-depth analysis of learner completions, scores, time taken, and question responses in easy-to-understand reports.

Articulate Storyline 360

Watershed tracks your Articulate Storyline 360 eLearning courses so you know what's working and what's not. Dive into detailed question analysis of quizzes, rank learner performance by score, and time taken as well as explore correlations between repeating the course and assessment success.

Once you’ve connected your Storyline data, you can build a complete picture of your learner behavior and program performance across your entire ecosystem by

Xapify & Xapimed

Use Watershed to combine data from Xapiapps, your HRIS, and any other data source in your learning ecosystem. Empower your people to make data-driven training and development decisions by providing the data they need and in a format they understand.

[Editor's Note: This blog post has been updated for comprehensiveness.]

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One of the main challenges our customers face is getting reliable, in-depth reporting and insights from across their learning ecosystem. Watershed solves this by connecting your separate data sources and merging them with HR data, so you can discover actionable insights in configurable, easy-to-use dashboards.

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