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What Is Learning Evaluation?

Knowing how to aggregate and evaluate all types of learning is a priority for many learning and development practitioners. In fact, many say there's a growing demand from their organizations to show L&D’s impact across the organization. But due to challenges, such as employees using multiple avenues for learning, many practitioners find it challenging to measure and communicate the value of their learning programs.

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xAPI & Alexa: My Voice Is My Passport

In the 1992 movie "Sneakers," Robert Redford’s character Marty uses a taped recording of an employee’s voice to break into an office building. All in an effort to clear his name. This almost-failed interaction adds phenomenal dramatic tension and is one of the first times I saw voice technology used in movie that wasn't science fiction.
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Are you a data nerd who wants to explore articles that go deep into the technical aspects of xAPI and learning analytics? This blog is for you.

Dev Delve: Driving Innovation through Data Transformation

In this Dev Delve, we’ll explore a topic easily overlooked when viewing data science as a whole: What are the best practices for managing and transforming data to create the results that provide insights or predictions?

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