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Explore posts from industry experts that cover best practices for learning strategies, talent development, and more.

Learning Ecosystems: How to add data sources & iterate [Guide]

Last week, Tim Dickinson explained how to create a strategy for your modern learning ecosystem. In this post, we’ll dig more into the weeds of getting started and look at how to choose a good starter data source, connect it, and build from there.

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Product & Tech

Keep up with Watershed’s features, enhancements, and integrations and read tech articles that go deep into xAPI and learning analytics.

Group Intersect Filters and Language Map Support [New]

Our two latest Watershed updates include the ability to select people who are in multiple groups and to easily work with data that has different language tags.

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Company & Culture

Learn about our company and culture with articles to help increase employee engagement, productivity, and the bottom line.

We Like Fun and We Don't Care Who Knows

You spend a lot of your life working, but no one said it couldn’t be fun, right? We spend a good bit of our days charging hard, but we like to take breaks, have fun, and get out of our own heads for a bit. It’s been several years since we learned about the benefits of the Levity Effect, and we aren’t turning back. When a problem gets too sticky, tense, or boring, we like to break things up with a little fun. Here are a few ways we do that.

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