See a Learning Analytics Platform in action.

Without evaluation you have no idea which elements of your learning strategy are working and which are just noise. Yet, learning professionals often struggle to evaluate their learning programs effectively, or even at all. They evaluate how learners feel and record assessment scores, but don’t have tools to capture the impact on job performance and business metrics.

It all starts with data.

There’s a lot you can do with simple metrics and the data you have right now. But, to be successful, you have to readjust your thinking and be comfortable with starting small. Director of learning analytics strategy, Tim Dickinson, guides you through practical examples and use cases that illustrate how you can evaluate your learning programs at all levels—from identifying early warnings of problems with delivery to measuring learning, changes in performance, and business impact.

During this recorded webinar demo, we'll explore: 

  • what learning analytics is, as described by the Watershed Method™,
  • snapshot use cases of learning analytics in practice, and
  • a live demo of Watershed's platform in action.  

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