Get more out of your homegrown applications.

You have just created a custom application to deliver specific content to your learners. But there is just one glaring issue—your application does not sync with your learning management (LMS) or other systems, which means you are losing out on a lot of critical learning data.

Track custom learning applications.So, even though you have created a purpose-built solution that you know helps people do their jobs better, you can’t prove it because your learning data is siloed across systems.

Watershed Loves Custom Applications

Whether it’s an in-house video portal or a slick performance support tool, Watershed can help you track and collect learning data from your custom applications.

Watershed allows you to:

  • Track learner activity in custom learning applications. For example, you can see the terms and content learners are searching for.

  • Report on engagement within custom training applications.

  • Compare activity between custom L&D applications and your LMS.

  • Understand how activity in your custom applications relates to business metrics and your learning program’s overall success measures—and, in turn, how they impact organizational goals and priorities. (See the following example.)

Track and correlate informal training.

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