Capturing social learning is easy. 

Track learner activity over time.We all learn from our peers. As a result, social learning has become an essential component of workplace culture. But how can L&D professionals like you quantify the usage and impact of social learning?

Reporting on social activity is notoriously difficult because activity reporting is not often a built-in function in most business tools and systems. And, even when activity reporting is available, that data is still siloed from other important pieces of organizational data—which means you could be missing out on discovering unexpected relationships between data from other systems and sources.

Quantify the Impact of Social Learning

With Watershed, you can break down learner activity across social networks with our easy-to-understand reports that identify influential learners, active users, common discussion topics, and more. Watershed also helps you:

  • Track social learning events across multiple platforms, such as a learning management system (LMS) social platform and a corporate network such as Yammer.

  • Understand relationships between social activity and other learning activities.

  • Are learners launching content from your social platforms?

  • Is high social engagement related to engagement with other content?

  • Do learners with high social engagement perform better on assessments?

  • Identify, aggregate, and analyze specific interactions—such as posts, comments, and endorsements.

  • Identify how social learning activity relates to trends in learner behaviors and business KPIs.


Watershed Heatmap Analytics

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