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Dev Delve: Driving Innovation through Data Transformation

By David Ells | Jan 18, 2018

In this Dev Delve, we’ll explore a topic easily overlooked when viewing data science as a whole: What are the best practices for managing and transforming data to create the results that provide insights or predictions?

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Dev Delve: Data Silos & Integration

By David Ells | Nov 13, 2017

Whether it's tracking the performance of a Roth IRA or gathering demographics for product testing, data plays an important role in our personal and professional lives every day. And while data can provide helpful insights and ease everyday tasks, leveraging it for deeper insights can pose real challenges. In this Dev Delve, we’ll focus on two common issues when it comes to working with data—the prevalence of “data silos” and the work involved in solving the “data integration problem.” We’ll unpack these terms and uncover the underlying details that contribute to each of these challenges.

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Dev Delve: More L&D Reports with Less Page Load Time

By Ervin Puškar | Oct 17, 2017

I try really hard to avoid being the stereotypical angry dev nerd who tells users they’re doing it wrong. In my mind, it’s completely unacceptable to tell users they’re using an application beyond its intended use. Besides, isn’t that the whole point—don’t you want people to use something you created in a way that’s beyond what you could have imagined?

And it’s one of these instances that left me with a challenge I was determined to figure out: How do I maximize the number of L&D reports per user dashboard while limiting load times and reducing latency?

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