Watershed Wrap-Up: 2020 & Beyond

We’ve all been busy this year—and it hasn’t been all bad. So instead of focusing on all the things we’ve overcome in 2020, let’s take a look at all the things we’ve built together. Here’s a lightning recap of Watershed's new features and product enhancements, cool stories from your peers, and even a few industry awards.

What’s New with Watershed

1) Watershed Unveils New Branding

At the start of the summer, we revealed Watershed’s new logo and branding—including colors and fonts. We also made several app changes to enhance user experience.

Watershed's New Branding

2) Me Filters

The Person report acts as a personal transcript for your learners by collecting scores and activities from all your data sources and putting that information in one place. And now this feature works with the Me filter.

That means when learners login to Watershed, they can see their transcripts displayed in their respective dashboards.

3) Quick Filter Customization

You can now customize which Quick Filters appear for your users. Choose different Quick Filters for different reports and dashboards depending on the audience. Each Quick Filter offers multiple options.

4) Multiple Report Dimensions

Being able to organize your Watershed reports by multiple dimensions means you can see people’s progress and performance across multiple activities, all in one place.

Keep the dimensions in the same column or separate them into multiple columns for more sorting options.

5) Verb and Activity Display

The updated verb and activity display means you can take advantage of xAPI data’s “sentence-like” structure in your Leaderboard or Heatmap reports. Prior to this update, you could only show Verb IDs in these report types.

Now, you can display the actual verb and activity names as measures. And as a result, reports read more like sentences.

This is particularly helpful if you want the flexibility to add specific measures to these xAPI “sentences,” and for viewers who aren’t familiar with reading xAPI data.

Congrats to these Brandon Hall Group Award Winners!

Congratulations to Intuit, CHRISTUS Health, and Fidelity for winning Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Excellence Awards!

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Want a sneak peek for 2021?

And now here’s what we’re planning for the coming year:

  • Enhancing ability to use external systems with automation
  • Improved support for credentials and skills
  • Furthering account and data governance capabilities
  • New measures and report types
  • Continued exploration of ML/AI capabilities on learning data

Wanna share your story?

Are you doing something cool with Watershed? Want to be considered for an industry award? Let us know, and we’ll help write your story and nominate you.

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