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3 Tips for Building a Lasting Company Culture

By Cassidy Blair | Jul 9, 2018

Employees are the backbone to any company or organization, and a strong workplace culture is key. According to BBC and Monster, an exemplary culture creates a happy workplace, which leads to higher retention. But what exactly makes up a culture? Is it just free stuff and a cool office space? I recently sat down with several Watershed employees to discuss their perspectives on cultivating company culture.

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xAPI & Alexa: My Voice Is My Passport

By Geoff Alday | May 16, 2018
In the 1992 movie "Sneakers," Robert Redford’s character Marty uses a taped recording of an employee’s voice to break into an office building. All in an effort to clear his name. This almost-failed interaction adds phenomenal dramatic tension and is one of the first times I saw voice technology used in movie that wasn't science fiction.
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Virtual Reality + Watershed

By Geoff Alday | May 14, 2018

A few months ago, I began exploring how emerging technologies can be used with Watershed. The first exploration with voice technology was quite fun, which led to more than a few ideas about where to go next. One idea definitely stood out: virtual reality (VR).

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Watershed Product Updates: Quick Filters

By Brooks Alford | Apr 10, 2018

Quick Filters allow your users to filter reports without needing to access Watershed’s report creation tool, Explore. These filters—which are easy to use—are perfect for providing limited report control to users who aren’t familiar with Watershed.

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Watershed Product Updates: Time Zones

By Brooks Alford | Apr 4, 2018

Watershed’s clients include large organizations with users who span across the globe. With the new Time Zone option, these Watershed users can now view reports configured to match their local time zones or any time zone in the world.

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DIY: How to Serve Up a Perfect Pie Chart for L&D

By Brooks Alford | Mar 14, 2018

What better time than Pi(e) Day to delve into the world of pie charts? Even though you're probably familiar with these circular graphs, are you creating and using them to their fullest advantage? Chances are, you're missing out on some easy wins in telling a story with your data—and here's why.

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Certified Data Sources

By Andrew Downes | Mar 13, 2018

Watershed LRS can receive data from any Learning Record Provider following the xAPI specification and then display that data in a range of flexible reports, giving you actionable insights into the performance of your learners and learning materials.

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Ask the Expert: What’s a Certified Data Source?

By Andrew Downes | Mar 8, 2018

When you’re looking to buy a new learning technologies product (whether that’s an authoring tool, LMS, or something else), gaining a real understanding of its functionality and quality can be difficult. This is especially true of xAPI implementations. The product may say it implements xAPI, but what does that mean?

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Watershed Product Updates: In-App Announcements

By Brooks Alford | Mar 5, 2018

Keep up to date with Watershed’s product updates and releases right from the Watershed app. Admin users now see a menu that notifies whenever we publish something new to our Product Blog. 

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Watershed Product Updates: February 2018

By Brooks Alford | Feb 7, 2018

We’ve added a lot of new features to Watershed this week! Here’s a rundown of each one and how you can start using them in your own account.

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