DIY: How to Serve Up a Perfect Pie Chart for L&D

By Brooks Alford | Mar 14, 2018

What better time than Pi(e) Day to delve into the world of pie charts? Even though you're probably familiar with these circular graphs, are you creating and using them to their fullest advantage? Chances are, you're missing out on some easy wins in telling a story with your data—and here's why.

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Ask the Expert: What’s a Certified Data Source?

By Andrew Downes | Mar 8, 2018

When you’re looking to buy a new learning technologies product (whether that’s an authoring tool, LMS, or something else), gaining a real understanding of its functionality and quality can be difficult. This is especially true of xAPI implementations. The product may say it implements xAPI, but what does that mean?

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Watershed Product Updates: In-App Announcements

By Brooks Alford | Mar 5, 2018

Keep up to date with Watershed’s product updates and releases right from the Watershed app. Admin users now see a menu that notifies whenever we publish something new to our Product Blog. 

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Watershed Product Updates: Quick Filters

By Brooks Alford | Feb 26, 2018

Quick Filters allow your users to filter reports without needing to access Watershed’s report creation tool Explore. These filters—which are easy to use and can’t be saved—are perfect for providing limited report control to users not familiar with Watershed.

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Watershed Product Updates: February 2018

By Brooks Alford | Feb 7, 2018

We’ve added a lot of new features to Watershed this week! Here’s a rundown of each one and how you can start using them in your own account.

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Ask the Expert: Learning analytics platform, BI tool, or both?

By Andrew Downes | Feb 6, 2018

Many of our enterprise clients use Watershed’s learning analytics platform (LAP) alongside their organizations’ business intelligence tools to analyze and report on their learning and performance data. At first glance, there are many similarities between an LAP and a BI tool. But, as you look below the surface, you find significant differences that make the two product classes suited to different tasks as well as points of integration that make using these tools together both possible and fruitful.

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Watershed's Winning Tech Infrastructure

By Mike Rustici | Jan 26, 2018

Application infrastructure matters a lot. Just like with a building, the structural integrity of a software application requires a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation, software tends to crumble under stress, just as a house resting on cinder blocks can be damaged by the smallest of storms. The foundation for a SaaS application is its server infrastructure.

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Watershed Product Updates: December 2017

By Brooks Alford | Dec 14, 2017

We’ve added a lot of new features to Watershed this month—including Dynamic People Filters, a Histogram dimension, measure calculations, and a new user type, Area Admin.

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How to Demo Real xAPI Data without Compromising Privacy

By Andrew Downes | Dec 12, 2017

We love hearing about clients doing new things with Watershed. It’s such a flexible platform, that we’re often surprised and inspired by what they create and the insights they uncover along the way. So, we were absolutely thrilled to hear how Bryan Rose, a technical architect at Visa, has been using Watershed for something very different indeed: tracking his activity and performance in Rocket League.

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Watershed Product Updates: Explore Access Enhancements

By Brooks Alford | Nov 28, 2017

Watershed’s report-creation tool Explore enables you to create dynamic dashboards designed to show off learning data and learning’s impact across your organization. Explore provides a variety of visualization types, data filters, and display options to create any number of reports—ranging from basic leaderboards to detailed, multi-visualization reports designed for learning data.

Check out our latest Watershed product updates that enhance Explore's access permissions and search capabilities.

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