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As Director of Client Success, Brooks provides client training and implementation support, maintains Watershed’s roadmap, and prioritizes feature development.

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Use a Program Report to Track Onboarding or Compliance

By Brooks Alford | Sep 18, 2017

One of Watershed’s most exciting features—the Program Report—gets an update that makes using it easier than ever!

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Featured Feature: Watershed Program Reports for New Hire Training

By Brooks Alford | Aug 31, 2017

New hire training is key for introducing new employees to your company, products, and culture. Ensuring new employees fully complete training can be challenging, especially for large companies with global offices. See how Watershed’s Program Report can help L&D departments and managers track progress of new hire training.

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Gamify Slack Collaboration with Watershed

By Brooks Alford | Jul 05, 2017

At Watershed, we begin every day by reflecting on recent work and updating Slack with the most important task we need to accomplish that day. The “Most Important Thing” (as we call it) isn’t necessarily the most urgent, easiest, or most fun task—but it's what’s most important to achieving our long-term goals.

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Date Filters, Alphabetized Dashboards & Faster Load Times in Watershed

By Brooks Alford | Jun 07, 2017

Here's a rundown of Watershed's recent updates and fixes—including adding learners' email addresses, new date filter options, and faster load times. 

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Featured Feature: Compliance Tracking with Pie Reports

By Brooks Alford | Mar 29, 2017

Collecting and sharing compliance data across a large organization can be challenging. See how a global manufacturing and retail company uses Watershed’s Pie Report to simplify the compliance tracking process.

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New Pie Report Feature

By Brooks Alford | Mar 14, 2017

Every March 14, I observe Pi Day—not by celebrating the mathematical constant π—but by eating a shameful amount of pie. This year, however, I’m adding something new to my celebratory festivities, and that’s announcing Watershed has released a new Pie Chart Report visualization to the Report Builder! 

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New Dashboard & Report Builder Permissions

By Brooks Alford | Feb 13, 2017

Organizations store massive amounts of learning data, so it can be difficult to disseminate accurate and relevant information. Watershed's Dashboards ensure the right data reaches the right people.

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Enhanced Group Import

By Brooks Alford | Feb 06, 2017

Because organizations often represent their internal hierarchies in Watershed by using the Groups feature, we've enhanced our Groups Import feature to make getting that information into Watershed even easier.

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Use Watershed Essentials Dashboard for Basic L&D Insights [GUIDE]

By Brooks Alford | Jan 27, 2017

We're excited to announce that we've added the new Essentials dashboard to Watershed. Essentials delivers basic insights for L&D practitioners who want to track and explore learning outside a learning management system (LMS). The dashboard provides six preconfigured reports that answer common questions about learners and their activities. New features include global filters and multi-level drilldown.

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New Measure Editor

By Brooks Alford | Sep 26, 2016

This week’s big release is the all-new Measure Editor. It allows you to easily create trackable data points that any user can analyze in Watershed's reports.

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