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As a lead software developer at Watershed, Ervin Puškar focuses on developing new features, future proofing, and ensuring our product is stable and performant. Whether it’s experimenting with new technologies or restructuring existing ones, he embraces any challenge that comes his way.

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More L&D Reports with Less Page Load Time [Dev Delve]

By Ervin Puškar | Oct 17, 2017

I try really hard to avoid being the stereotypical angry dev nerd who tells users they’re doing it wrong. In my mind, it’s completely unacceptable to tell users they’re using an application beyond its intended use. Besides, isn’t that the whole point—don’t you want people to use something you created in a way that’s beyond what you could have imagined?

And it’s one of these instances that left me with a challenge I was determined to figure out: How do I maximize the number of L&D reports per user dashboard while limiting load times and reducing latency?

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