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Geoff leads our design efforts for the Watershed product. He loves learning random things. He wants to believe Bigfoot is real.

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xAPI & Alexa: My Voice Is My Passport

By Geoff Alday | May 16, 2018
In the 1992 movie "Sneakers," Robert Redford’s character Marty uses a taped recording of an employee’s voice to break into an office building. All in an effort to clear his name. This almost-failed interaction adds phenomenal dramatic tension and is one of the first times I saw voice technology used in movie that wasn't science fiction.
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Tracking Virtual Reality Simulations in Watershed [How-To]

By Geoff Alday | May 14, 2018

A few months ago, I began exploring how emerging technologies can be used with Watershed. The first exploration with voice technology was quite fun, which led to more than a few ideas about where to go next. One idea definitely stood out: virtual reality (VR).

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