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Organizations store massive amounts of learning data, so it can be difficult to disseminate accurate and relevant information. Watershed's Dashboards ensure the right data reaches the right people.

You also can create permissions to control if users can interact with Explore (Watershed's reporting tool) to manipulate the data they can see. Set up Dashboards to create multiple views into your data, and then use our permissions feature to control which Dashboards each of your users see. You also can create permissions to control how users interact with Explore (Watershed's reporting tool) to manipulate the data they can see.


What is the difference between Dashboard and Explore permissions?

Dashboard permissions allow you to control which dashboards each of your Watershed users see. Explore permissions allow you to control who can access Explore, Watershed’s reporting tool.

Who can control Dashboard and Explore permissions?

Only admins can control Dashboard and Explore permissions.


How do I establish Dashboard and Explore permissions?

You can establish Dashboard and Explore permissions in two ways: through the user interface and through our Groups Import feature. The UI is best for quick, one-off changes, and the Groups Import feature is ideal for larger, organization-wide changes and for setting up an automatic feed between Watershed and your HR system.

How can I tell what a particular user can see?

Admins can use Watershed’s View Dashboard As feature to look at what a particular user can see when they log into Watershed.

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