Our New Beginning


 Today marks a new beginning. I’m excited to announce that we’re officially Watershed Systems, Inc., a brand new company wholly independent of Rustici Software.

At Watershed we believe that developing people makes the world a better place. We're setting out to improve the effectiveness of training and learning programs worldwide, but it’s hard to improve if you can’t measure your progress.

Watershed LRS’s learning evaluation and analytics capabilities allow training and learning professionals to constantly advance their offerings through continuous, data-driven improvement. 



We are grateful for the support of our investment partners
LTG and INCITE who today filled the bulk of our Series A funding round. This is a major validation for the xAPI specification and LRS technology in general, evidenced by the support from LTG—a publicly listed learning technologies agency known for its best-in-breed learning solutions. This financing will allow us to further advance the state-of-the-art in learning measurement and to introduce our new class of products to a much broader e-learning market.

On a personal note, I feel so blessed to have been a part of Rustici Software and I owe a debt of gratitude to everybody who helped make that special experience possible. I wish Rustici all the best as I begin a new journey with Watershed.

There's lots more to come. We plan to continue sharing industry knowledge and best practices as part of our mission to validate the role of the learning and training industry. 

Mike Rustici

About The Author

As an innovative software developer turned entrepreneur, Mike Rustici has been defining the eLearning industry for nearly 20 years. After co-founding Rustici Software in 2002, Mike helped guide the first draft of xAPI and invented the concept of a Learning Record Store (LRS). In 2013, he delivered on the promise of xAPI with the creation of Watershed, the flagship LRS that bridges the gap between training and performance.