Date Format Controls & Measure Search


Our two latest Watershed updates include the ability to customize the date format in your reporting and make it easier to find measures in the Report Builder.

Date Format Controls 

You can now control how dates are displayed in your Watershed reports:

Watershed Date Format Controls

Different date formats displayed in a Leaderboard Report

This allows you to control how much information is shown (i.e. show month and day, but not year) or match the date format used by your other reporting tools.

To control the date format, use the new format property in Advanced Configuration.  

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Measure Search

When adding measures to reports in Report Builder, you now have the option to search available measures:

Watershed Measure Search

Measure selection in Explore

Some Watershed clients have massive lists of measures that can be difficult to manage, and the measure search makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

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