Enhanced Measure Management


Watershed’s enhanced Measure Management allows you to easily create, organize, and edit the measures used in your reports.

Measures are ways of aggregating specific data points from what you collect. They are typically numbers that are displayed in Watershed’s graphs and charts, but sometimes they can output text in certain reports. Report Builder, Watershed’s reporting tool, has a collection of default measures, and advanced users can create their own using our Measure Editor.

Our larger, global Watershed implementations can have hundreds of measures. With our new Measure Management enhancements, it’s easier to maintain a large number measures for a large number of users.

Categorizing Measures

With new Measure Categories, it’s much easier to organize measures for yourself and for your users. Instead of having one long list of measures, Measure Categories allow you to group them.

Once you create Measure Categories and associate related measures to them, they’ll be grouped in both the Report Builder and in the Measure Editor. 

Enahnced Measure Management- WatershedGroup related measures with new Measure Categories.

Setting Measure Permissions

You can also can dictate who has permission to view and edit certain measures. This helps make sure only the right people see the measures that they need to see—it helps make the overall experience for your users better.

Watershed Ehanced Measure ManagementControl who can see measures with new Measure Permissions.

How does this affect my current measures?

With the new enhanced Measure Management features, your existing measures and reports will remain unchanged.

Where can I get help?

To learn more about implementing these new enhancements, check out Managing Measures in the help section.

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