Featured Feature: Watershed Program Reports for New Hire Training


New hire training is key for introducing new employees to your company, products, and culture. Ensuring new employees fully complete training can be challenging, especially for large companies with global offices. See how Watershed’s Program Report can help L&D departments and managers track progress of new hire training.

The Challenge

A Watershed customer (a services company with employees around the globe) requires each new hire to complete a series of LMS courses, in-person training, and online videos.

While the learning department administers the courses and in-person training, it falls on managers to make sure each new hire completes the training. Given the large number of employees and mix of activities that comprise new hire training, the learning department found it difficult to disseminate training completion information to managers.

Our Solution

The learning department set up dashboards with Program Reports, so managers can see how far their employees have gone in new hire training. Each report on the dashboard tracks a new hire training program and shows the number of new hires who have completed each program. When someone from the learning department views this dashboard, they see every single new hire, regardless of his/her manager.

The following dashboard is an example of what learning department employees see when they access their dashboards.

New Hire Program Report

The full views of each report show additional details, such as the percentage of people who have completed each part of the new hire program.

Below is an example of the view for a learning department employee (learning department employees can see all new employee’s data), but when a manager logs in, the report only displays data for people he or she manages.

Program Report Training Completion


The Program Report then breaks down completion data by groups.

Program Card Individual Data And it shows individual data.

Watershed New Hire Program Report

Recreate this in your Watershed Account

  1. Create a new Dashboard for your Program Reports.

  2. Set up and Configure a Program Report on the dashboard.

  3. Invite new users to open a Watershed Account.

  4. Once the new user has opened his or her Watershed Account, make sure the new user has the correct data permissions to see the right people.

  5. Make sure the new user can also see your new Dashboard.

Brooks Alford

About The Author

As Director of Client Success, Brooks provides client training and implementation support, maintains Watershed’s roadmap, and prioritizes feature development.