Featured Feature: Compliance Tracking with Pie Reports


Collecting and sharing compliance data across a large organization can be challenging. See how a global manufacturing and retail company uses Watershed’s Pie Report to simplify the compliance tracking process.

The Challenge

A Watershed customer (a large manufacturing and retail company in a highly regulated industry) requires each employee to pass a number of compliance courses. Depending on the employee’s role and what products the employee works with, he or she will have to take a different set of compliance courses.

While the learning department facilitates training and administers the courses, it falls on managers to enforce employee compliance, making sure all certifications are relevant and up to date. Given the large number of employees, roles, and products, it was proving challenging for the learning department to disseminate compliance information from their LMS to managers. 

Our Solution

The learning department set up dashboards with Pie Reports so when managers log in, they see how compliance breaks down for their employees for a number of certifications.

Use Watershed's Pie Reports to track employee compliance.Using real client data, these Pie Reports show employees' compliance statuses.
(All personally identifiable details have been removed.)

Managers can easily monitor which employee’s compliance certifications are current, outstanding, or about to expire. If an employee’s compliance certification is about to expire, his or her manager can see when the certificate will expire:

pie-chart-card-compliance-example.png?noresizeUsing real data, this Pie Report shows where employees stand with their compliance and certifications. (All personally identifiable details have been removed.)

Used in combination with our Groups feature, Pie Reports will only show managers the people they manage. This ensures the right information reaches the right people, and privacy rules are respected for employees.

Organizational Hierarchies & Compliance TrackingGroup all your learners into a hierarchy that reflects your organization’s structure.

Early Results

The learning department can now easily distribute compliance data without having to spend hours creating monthly spreadsheets. Managers can now log in and see compliance data just for their employees in an easy-to-use interface. Early results show an increase in overall compliance because the people responsible for enforcing compliance now have the data at their fingertips.

Recreate This in Your Watershed Account

With just a few simple steps and the right data, you also can have compliance dashboards in your Watershed account.

  1. Set up compliance measures using our Measure Editor. You’ll base the measures off the data coming in from the system(s) where compliance courses are distributed. Our example client uses data from its LMS.

  2. Set up Pie Reports using the compliance measures you just created on a new dashboard (or an existing one if you’d like). Our example client created dashboards specifically for compliance.

  3. Give your users permissions to see the dashboard and give them permissions to see the data for the correct people. Our example client uses our Groups feature to manage permissions. Each employee is grouped by location, and each location has a manager. The managers are given permissions to see data for their locations. The groups are sent to us from their LMS (some clients connect their Watershed accounts to their HR systems while others bring in the info via CSV files).

Let's get started

Login to your Watershed account now to get started. As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help! 

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