Watershed Release Notes: Measures


Measures for custom KPIs, three new explore visualizations, and downloadability of activity stream and leaderboards.

Introducing: Measures 

Watershed’s new Measures feature allows you to define and load in your organization’s custom KPIs. You’ll be able to track your organization’s KPIs and find correlations between these KPIs and data from your training or performance programs. You can visualize the custom measures in any of our Explore cards (even the new ones below) and allow anyone in your organization to track the KPIs with live data. With the Correlation card, you can finally prove how effective your learning programs are by showing statistical relationships between your training data and your organization’s KPIs

Three New Watershed Visualizations




Heatmaps provide an ideal way to quickly compare activity between learners. Each Heatmap presents a visual representation of your learners’ activity by using varying intensities of color. For instance, if you were looking at test scores for a group of learners, you could easily identify the highest and lowest scorers by their corresponding colors.



Bar Charts

The Bar Chart Card provides a familiar way to view data. You can use multiple measures on the same chart or set up a series of charts that measure anything from score to KPI measurements. It’s a great way to make comparisons and spot trends.



Spider Charts

Like the Bar Chart card, the Spider Chart Card provides a familiar way to view data and quickly compare activity between learners or groups. Combine our Spider Charts card with our new custom measures feature to see how different groups across your organization are performing with regard to their KPIs.

Download Activity Stream & Leaderboards

You asked for it, so here it is: you can now download the data you see on your Activity Streams and your Leaderboards. You’ve always been able to download xAPI statements from your account, but you can now download the data you see in the reports you create. Use Explore to customize your Activity Stream or your Leaderboard and then download the CSV to share. 

Brooks Alford

About The Author

As Director of Client Success, Brooks provides client training and implementation support, maintains Watershed’s roadmap, and prioritizes feature development.