xAPI & Alexa: My Voice Is My Passport

By Geoff Alday | May 16, 2018
In the 1992 movie "Sneakers," Robert Redford’s character Marty uses a taped recording of an employee’s voice to break into an office building. All in an effort to clear his name. This almost-failed interaction adds phenomenal dramatic tension and is one of the first times I saw voice technology used in movie that wasn't science fiction.
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Tracking Virtual Reality Simulations in Watershed [How-To]

By Geoff Alday | May 14, 2018

A few months ago, I began exploring how emerging technologies can be used with Watershed. The first exploration with voice technology was quite fun, which led to more than a few ideas about where to go next. One idea definitely stood out: virtual reality (VR).

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Watershed's Winning Tech Infrastructure

By Mike Rustici | Jan 26, 2018

Application infrastructure matters a lot. Just like with a building, the structural integrity of a software application requires a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation, software tends to crumble under stress, just as a house resting on cinder blocks can be damaged by the smallest of storms. The foundation for a SaaS application is its server infrastructure.

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Who says xAPI has to be technical?

By Andrew Downes | Dec 06, 2016

There’s no doubt there was an xAPI buzz at DevLearn this year. The pre-conference xAPI Camp was a resounding success, vendors promoting related products were swamped on the expo floor, and there were so many sessions that it was impossible to attend them all—even if you went to nothing else. This is a really exciting time for our industry!

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