November 2017 Watershed Product Updates


Here's a rundown of our latest Watershed product updates—including new ways to add groups data in your reports and a guide to making custom reports designed for CSV downloads.

Include organizational hierarchy data in reports.

One of Watershed’s most powerful features is the ability to bring in organizational hierarchy data from HR systems—such as Workday and SAP—and combine it with your learning data to create a more comprehensive view of your learning ecosystem. You can use this feature to group learners in reporting so you can make comparisons between different parts of the organization or ensure the right people in your organization see the correct data.

You can now include this type organizational hierarchy data in the actual reports. In the following screenshot, notice how each person’s group is now identified on this Leaderboard of video views. Use this walk-through guide to set up hierarchy data as a measure for your reports.

Use Watershed to bring in organizational hierarchy data from an HR system.


Customize your CSV Downloads.

All of Watershed’s reports include functionality to download related data in two formats: tabular data or raw xAPI data. Both are quick and easy to use, and give you access to aggregated data from across your ecosystem. 

While the raw xAPI download provides access to the main parts of xAPI statements that comprise a report, it can often be too much data. In this guide, our own Andrew Downes walks you through new functionality to create a custom report designed to download the right data.

A few more Watershed product updates

We’ve also made some minor updates that might change the way you interact with Watershed:

  • Explore: We've revised the order of reports in Explore so the most popular cards are listed first, rather than listed in alphabetical order.

  • Data Page: We renamed CSV Data Sources to Other Data Sources to better reflect the different types of data and methods Watershed accepts.

  • Show More Data: In any type of report, the default number of rows shown has increased from 10 to 50 rows.

Let's get started.

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