August 2017 Watershed Product Updates


Here's a rundown of Watershed's recent updates and fixes—including three new screens in the Data section, improvements to CSV import, more control over card caching, and custom colors in pie cards.

Three new screens in Watershed's Data section

The Data section of Watershed has been updated with three new screens that enhance visibility into usage and data. In addition to a new Data Stats screen, you’ll notice Data Search and Error Log (formerly Data Log) screens that expand on the functionality of the current Debug Data screen.

Get some high-level statistics about your data and Watershed usage on the new Data Stats screen in the Data section of Watershed.

Watershed Data Stats

Use the Data Search screen to find xAPI statements by specific parts of an xAPI statement or by using a card configuration.

Watershed Data Search Screen

The new Error Log (formerly Data Log) lists data errors in sending data into Watershed. Using Error Log (formerly Data Log), you can easily find, organize, and archive these errors. 


Next week, we will take the Debug Data screen out of every account, replacing it with the Data Search and Data Log screens.

Check out a video walkthrough from our recent product webinar for more info on using the new Data Search and Error Log (formerly Data Log) features.

CSV Import Improvements

We’ve added additional checks when you upload data CSVs or group hierarchy CSVs to notify you of any errors in the file before we actually begin importing the file. We’ll also give you better progress updates of the import as it completes. Learn more about importing data CSVs

Watershed CSV Data Sources

More controls over card caching

We first introduced caching in Watershed’s reporting to improve load times. Sometimes, this means that reports don’t show data that has been brought into Watershed in the last few seconds. We’ve introduced a “clear cache” button at the bottom of most reports that allows you to manually refresh the data that is used to generate a report. 

Watershed Cache Clear

Custom Colors in pie cards

Custom colors can now be used in Pie cards, even if you only select one measure. Learn how to add custom colors to a Pie card in our Advanced Configuration guide.

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